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921 11th Street, Suite 1100
Sacramento, CA 95814

(310) 560-4840

The California ConservationCorps Foundation (CCCF) is a non-profit public benefit organization that supports the programs and crew members of the California Conservation Corps (CCC) through philanthropy.


Programs and Projects

In partnership with the CCC, we have developed programs that allow corporations, foundations, local businesses and individual donors to align themselves with a specific CCC program, CCC Center, or with the entire CCC.

 The partnership with CCC and our supporters generate critical financial support that helps the CCC Foundation enhance the education, training and leadership skills of the corps members, and invests in programs that preserve, protect and enhance California's natural resources. Our current funding priorities include:

Education & Scholarships

All corps members are required to advance their education during their years of service in the CCC. Many complete the requirements for a GED or high school diploma through a partnership with John Muir High School. Others earn scholarships for additional technical training and college. Curricula draws from work experiences and teachers combine classroom and field instruction providing educational, life-skills and job preparation. On-the-job training and the skills acquired on CCC projects create a foundation for a successful pathway to education and training.  Scholarships provided by the CCC Foundation helps corps members achieve their career goals.

Veteran PRograms

In Partnership with Veterans Green Jobs, we recently supported returned veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan in a CCC program that provides veterans a transition from military service to a civilian life and workforce. Cohorts of 10 - 15 veterans were recruited and placed on crews under the supervision of an experienced Crew Leader and supported by a Veterans Advocate.  Currently, the CCC Foundation is in the process of providing some veterans who are pursuing careers in fire fighting with scholarships.  Many of these veterans are being recruited and hired by the US Forest Service.

Leadership Development and training

                                                                                                            Corps members embrace life-changing challenges and learn personal and civic responsibilities. Leadership training opportunities are created at each center through Corpsmember Advisory Boards (CAB) and conferences. Over the past few years, the CCC Foundation has been the primary sponsor of the CAB Conference.  Corps members who attend this week-long conference in Sacramento each year attend workshops in leadership, critical thinking, California civics, how to run a CAB meeting and how to excel with diversity in the work place.

Workforce Development and Career Pathways 

One of the ongoing goals within the CCC is to develop career pathways for corpsmembers to better enable their successful transition from the CCC. CCC Career Pathways consists of project work, education and training in specific career paths leading to related occupational options. Some of these pathways include project work in natural resources/forestry, energy/energy technology, fire protection and emergency management. The CCC is working in partnership with the California Community Colleges to develop these and many new meaningful career pathways.

Conservation & the Environment

Contributions to the CCC Foundation has provided some assistance to the CCC, which has an impressive list of the following accomplishments: 

  • 21 million trees planted
  • 9,800 miles of backcountry trails constructed or repaired
  • 1800+ miles of salmon and steelhead habitat improved
  • 12 Million hours building or improving parks
  • 25 million square feet of buildings audited and retrofitted for energy saving

Emergency response

The CCC continues to train its corpsmembers each year for fires, floods and emergency response to all manner of natural disasters. It offers well-trained and managed crews for frontline and logistical support with a quick response time anywhere in California. The Corps' mission is unique, providing exemplary emergency response efforts to California and its communities.  You can help the CCC in fulfilling its emergency response mission by making a financial contribution through the CCC Foundation.