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Pathways Foster Youth Program

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The Pathways2CCC program focuses on foster youth exiting the foster care system starting in Los Angeles County and extending throughout the State of California. The program establishes a relationship with the existing network of foster care agencies currently serving foster youth starting in Los Angeles and then be spreading throughout the state of California.

The program develops a procedure for recruiting and engaging foster youth and, through a series of increasingly more immersive wilderness experiences, introduces them and prepares them for joining one of the CCC’s residential centers.

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This plan is predicated on the belief that joining the CCC at a residential center is an excellent option for youth exiting the foster care program because CCC corpsmembers at residential centers receive a monthly stipend for their work, room and board (monthly deduction from their stipend), job skills training, the opportunity to obtain their high school diploma, and opportunities to earn scholarships to further their education, all within a safe, stable, structured, and supportive environment.

The ultimate goal is for the CCC experience and training to provide a pathway for foster youth to transition from the CCC into self-sustaining long-term careers and successful lives.