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Zeke Henshaw

We are saddened to announce the passing of former CCC member, Zeke Henshaw. 

Zeke who was born in Sweden, was a US Army Veteran, and joined CCC Placer Center in August 2020. He served as Corpsmember firefighter on Placer Crew 2, and left the CCC on good terms in February 2021. The C1 from Placer Crew 2 stated that Zeke was "Respectful, had great work ethic, and enjoyed CCC activities. He was a pleasure to have on the crew", the Placer Navigator stated. "This CM was exemplary and really keen on meeting his goals and working towards them."

Zeke was also an amazing artist. One of his pieces of art is still posted on the wall in the Greenwood Center kitchen. His website is still active and can be viewed here at

2 Artwork.png
3 Artwork.png
1 Artwork.png

Zeke will be interred at Sacramento Valley National Cemetery in Dixon, CA.


If you wish to express condolences to his family, please address them to his grandmother Charlene Henshaw, 508 Huntington Dr., Lodi, CA 95242.

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