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Pathways Progam

Pathways Foster Youth Program

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CCCF Pathways Program

The California Conservation Corps Foundation (CCCF) is dedicated to supporting former foster youth in joining the California Conservation Corps (CCC). By providing funding for transportation, supplies, and gear, CCCF ensures that each participant has the necessary resources to embark on a transformative journey. Notably, participants have access to CCCF and their previous social work staff, fostering ongoing support and mentorship throughout their experience. 

Individuals can apply to join a CCC center, where they have the option to engage in outdoor, conservation-based projects or enroll in the Greenwood Culinary Program. The Culinary Program, a three-month endeavor, equips participants with certifications and skills, and they can choose to either exit with these credentials or transfer to another CCC center. The CCC offers a subsidized monthly payment of $2708 with deduction of $500 for food and housing, and participation in the Pathways program enables individuals to retain SILP benefits, providing additional monthly stipends.

The CCC specializes in training for diverse career paths, including trail work, firefighting, disaster response, natural resources mitigation, forestry, and culinary arts. Graduates often find employment with organizations such as the USFS, NPS, CalTrans, and State Parks, leveraging their acquired skills and experience. Additionally, the CCC houses the John Muir Charter School, enabling participants to complete their high school degree through evening classes. Successful completion of one year in the CCC makes individuals eligible for scholarships applicable to further education.

To apply and explore these opportunities, interested individuals can visit the CCC website at For those seeking Pathways benefits, it is essential to both apply online and send an email to Alternatively, individuals can initiate contact via email for additional information before applying.

If you are interested in joining the program, please contact

Photos From Our Participants

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