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Hazwoper Training at the CCC Ukiah Center

The California Conservation Corps (CCC) plays a crucial role in responding to wildfires across the state, providing both direct response and logistical support to firefighters. With wildfires becoming more frequent and severe in recent years, it's more important than ever to ensure the safety of CCC Corpsmembers who perform these critical duties.

One way the CCC prioritizes safety is through the certification and training of Corpsmembers to assess the safety of post-fire sites and other hazardous locations. HAZWOPER workers play an essential role in ensuring that Corpsmembers can safely perform their duties in challenging environments.

As wildfires continue to threaten communities throughout California, the need for HAZWOPER workers will remain high throughout the fire season and any emergency response efforts undertaken by the CCC. By prioritizing safety and ensuring that Corpsmembers are equipped with the skills and certifications they need to operate in hazardous environments, the CCC is working to protect both its workers and the communities it serves.

Pictured below are photos from the HAZWOPER training that took place at the Ukiah Center this past weekend.

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