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  • Dana Morvan

White Water Rafting with Placer Center

This past Saturday, the CCCF organized a white-water rafting trip with the Placer center corpsmembers.

Board members and corpsmembers came together for a day of outdoor fun and team building. The group navigated the rapids and enjoyed the scenic beauty of the river while bonding and creating lasting memories.

Among the participants were our board President, Dan Savage, and our executive director, Adam Somers. They were both eager to join in on the adventure and had a blast tackling the challenging rapids.

The CCC Foundation is committed to supporting and empowering our corpsmembers, and experiences like this play a significant role in achieving our mission. We are grateful to our generous donors who made this trip possible, and we look forward to organizing more exciting events in the future.

If you would like to support our cause and help us provide life-changing opportunities for youth, please consider making a donation.

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