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921 11th Street, Suite 1100
Sacramento, CA 95814

(310) 560-4840

The California ConservationCorps Foundation (CCCF) is a non-profit public benefit organization that supports the programs and crew members of the California Conservation Corps (CCC) through philanthropy.


CCC Foundation

Created in 1988, the California Conservation Corps Foundation (CCCF) is a non-profit public benefit 501 (c) (3) organization that supports the programs and corpsmembers of the California Conservation Corps (CCC) through philanthropy.  The mission of CCCF is to advance the education, training, leadership development, personal growth and career opportunities of the corpsmembers while protecting and enhancing California's natural resources.  The CCCF has developed a program called the "Friends of the CCC" to reach out to CCC Alumni, individuals and corporations and engage them in fulfilling this mission.

Friends of the CCC

The Friends of the CCC is a new initiative of the California Conservation Corps Foundation. It is a new name with a new logo, but the same aspirations of the CCC Foundation. The Friends of the CCC includes funding sponsors, alumni, current and former CCC staff, and anyone who supports the mission of the CCC, which is to protect and enhance California's natural resources and help young men and women develop through hard work.

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The Friends of the CCC understands the need for the more than 120,000 CCC alumni and staff to be able to connect with long-lost crew mates and friends.

The Friends of the CCC encourages and supports the various reunions of CCC alumni and staff.  Get Involved in the conversation and see what's new.                                               



Membership is free. However, by making a donation it helps the Friends of the CCC support the CCC's various mission, programs and projects.

A Membership Program is under development. In the near future, you will be able to become a contributing member and be able to directly support the mission of the CCC Foundation.             



Thank you to our sponsors, partners and volunteers for making the CCC Foundation the success it is today! 

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